is a free browser-based multiplayer shooter that competes with even the most sophisticated online FPS games with regard to the quality of gameplay, graphics and levels. Explore large arenas, kill and shoot enemies, and climb to the highest point on the leader boards or assist your team to achieve the victory.

Participating in the gaming experience is as simple as opening the official site within your browser, choosing the skin you prefer and weapon and then clicking Play Now. There are four maps that have distinctive play styles, ranging from deathmatch for free to game modes for teams, such as point capture.

In terms of firing mechanics there’s a variety of methods to play the game Venge Io. Based on the weapon you select prior to joining the game, your experience can differ dramatically: the Automated rifles provide a great balance of damage and range shooting, while shotgun is excellent for close-quarters instakills. Sniper rifle lets you remove enemies from the map and SMG is fast and effective (although not loaded with ammo) mid-range weapon.